The main mission of the Foundation is to support by all means young people to obtain education, to develop their talents and gifts and to give them a chance to share them with the world.

To encourage donation in the Republic of Bulgaria and support children and youngsters in need as well as talented children and youngsters by means of good examples and specific projects

To support organizations supporting children and youngsters in need and talented children and youngsters;

We help children and youngsters having diseases and/or disabilities, socially weak children, orphans and youngsters in disadvantageous position or belonging to groups in risk;

We organize courses, seminars, lectures, schools for parents, children’s and family camps and sports events with the purpose of strengthening the connections between parents and children as a result from mutual games and experiences We assist and finance projects in the fields of sport, music, theater, and visual arts promoting the main objectives of the Foundation;

Carrying out translation, publishing activity and distribution of Bulgarian and foreign scientific works and literature on topics related to children etc;

We carry out extracurricular activities and teachings directed to pupils and mentorship programs for youngsters;